Turbat Purevbat


NAME Turbat Purevbat
BORN 03 May 2002
FROM Mongolia
BIKE Husqvarna TE300

Turbat'S BIO

In my first year of racing in hard enduro, I have already achieved significant success. Prior to this, I had the privilege of being a five-time champion in the Mongolian Motocross pro class. This background in motocross has provided me with valuable skills and expertise that I can apply to my hard enduro journey.

Moving forward, my goal is to gain as much experience as possible and learn from the world championship events and the from Graham while competing there. I am eager to observe their techniques, strategies, and approaches to racing in order to further develop my own skills. I believe that studying and emulating the best in the field will help me grow and excel in hard enduro.


  • 5 x champion Mongolian Motocross (Pro Class)