Introducing the 2023 Jarvis Magpul Racing Team

After a successful 2022, Jarvis Racing embarks on the exciting journey of 2023 with a rejuvenated lineup of promising young talents. Under the leadership of Graham, a seasoned veteran known for his extensive knowledge and expertise, the team is poised to reach new heights of achievement.

With Graham's guidance, the fresh faces on the team bring a dynamic energy and a hunger for victory that will fuel their pursuit of success throughout the year. 

Building on the momentum of their previous accomplishments, Jarvis Racing is primed to conquer the racing circuits and establish themselves as formidable contenders in the upcoming season.



Renowned as the undisputed King of Hard Enduro, Graham Jarvis leads the charge at Jarvis Magpul Racing, with his sights set on expanding his impressive collection of accolades in the highly anticipated 2023 season.

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This is Turbat's first year racing hard enduro after moving from motocross and is hoping to hit the ground running.

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Barnabás Csizmazia

Coming into his second year as a hard enduro rider Barnabás has great drive and ambition to follow Graham's success.

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At only 15 years of age, Juan is setting the world of hard enduro on fire as an up and coming rider.

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Date Location
17th - 20th May (Rnd 1) Xross – Serbia Read How We Did
8th - 11th June (Rnd 2) Red Bull Erzbergrodeo – Austria Read How We Did
25th - 29th July (Rnd 3) Red Bull Romaniacs – Romania Coming Soon ...
26th - 27th August (Rnd 4) Red Bull Outliers – Canada Coming Soon ...
13th - 15th September (Rnd 5) 24MX Hixpania Hard Enduro – Lesotho Coming Soon ...
3rd - 4th October (Rnd 6) 24MX GetzenRodeo – Germany Coming Soon ...


Jarvis Climbs to 6th at Xross

Graham enthralled the audience with an awe-inspiring performance at the Xross Hard Enduro Rally. Despite beginning from the 13th qualifying position, Jarvis embarked on a remarkable ascent, leaving no avenue unexplored to unveil his extraordinary talent and command of the sport. With resolute concentration and Read More

Graham Jarvis Finishes Sixth at Erzbergrodeo

In a remarkable display of skill, determination, and endurance, 48-year-old British enduro rider Graham Jarvis showcased his unparalleled talent at the prestigious 2023 Erzbergrodeo. Starting in 60th place from the second row, Jarvis defied the odds, delivering a stunning performance and crossing the finish line Read More